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College of Liberal Arts
Your gift matters to the College of Liberal Arts.

The generosity of our donors is felt throughout the College of Liberal Arts. 

It is visible in the spaces our students visit every day – our lecture halls, collaborative spaces, studios, and clinics. It is experienced in the outcomes of our students who conduct scholarly research, create of innovative art and design, perform classical and contemporary music and theatre, and develop skills to become emerging professionals in aviation, architecture and audiology. We hear about their life-changing experiences and their enriched perspectives that were made possible through the financial support of our generous alumni and friends. 


Through your gifts, we can provide these unparalleled experiences. Curious how your support directly impacts students? Here are just a few examples:


·       Supports scholarships and financial assistance to promising students in need and students looking to broaden their horizons though study abroad and collaborative service-learning opportunities. 

·       Establishes endowed chairs and professorships to retain faculty and enhance their research and development

·       Expands teaching innovations through emerging media technology and cutting-edge instruction 

·       Helps upgrade facilities, like classrooms, learning labs, and studios. 

·       Fosters new opportunities for collaboration and engagement 


When we say your gift matters, we mean it. These, and dozens of other examples, cannot happen without the financial support donors provide to the College of Liberal Arts. Will you support our students and faculty today by making a gift on this Giving Day? With your help, we will continue to educate the next generation of exceptional leaders for our state and nation.

Participating Groups:
Dean's Discretionary Challenge to Liberal Arts
The Dean's Discretionary Fund allows the College of Liberal Arts to respond to emerging needs and gives Dean Karl Puljak the versatility to direct funds towards the 7 distinct school’s most pressing needs each year. Contributions to the Dean's Discretionary Fund directly impact students' educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom by providing necessary equipment, technology, and experiences that enrich program learning.
$1,000 / $1,000 Raised
Tech 2030: Leaderboard
Tech 2030: Leaderboard
Rank Department Raised
1 PEOPLE $1,276,416.44
2 KNOWLEDGE $55,617.88
3 CULTURE $5,946.00
Department Leaderboard!
Friendly competition: Which group will raise the most?
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $1,271,082.50
2 College of Applied and Natural Sciences $15,635.00
3 College of Education $14,523.94
4 College of Business $12,423.94
5 College of Engineering and Science $6,935.00
Let's color Bulldog nation Loyal Blue!
Rank State Gifts
1 LA 19
2 TX 14
3 CA 3
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