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The 1st Annual Student Giving Day Competition is underway! Champ Change is a student-driven competition where campus organizations collect funds that will make an impact on their organization and the students they support. Fifteen campus organizations are competing for a chance to win a portion of a generous bonus grant. During this 24-hour event, student groups not only raise money for their specific Louisiana Tech cause, but also compete to win an additional $5,000 in prizes. The winnings will be allocated based on the organization with the most DONORS. 


1ST PLACE: $2,000

2ND PLACE: $1,250

3RD PLACE: $750

4TH PLACE: $500

5TH PLACE: $500


Every gift matters, but a gift of $18.94 makes students a member of the 1894 Giving Society, named for the year Louisiana Tech was founded. As a member of the 1894 Student Giving Society you will have the opportunity to participate in the 1894 Leadership Series. This is a two-part series that focuses on alumni engagement and giving back to our beloved institution. Once you complete the series, you will be given a stole for graduation that is presented by Dr. Guice.


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